General Information
This site contains scanned copies of water well and pump records from 1999 and older. Water well records from 2000 and newer can be found in Wellogic.

Use the picklists to choose the County, Township, Town and Range, and Section. You can also enter the town, range , and section numbers by typing them into the separate fields. The location information for your property can be found on your deed or property tax bill. County maps and plat books are also helpful.

The PDF file link in the search results (at the bottom of the screen) will display like the example: 03N02W13 INGHAM.pdf 1446.6 kb (Town 03N, Range 02W, Section 13, Ingham County, File size = 1446.6 kb)

Each county has a file for Unverified Records and Historic Records. Historic Records are those records submitted prior to 1965 (before the well construction code). Unverified Records are those records with missing or inaccurate locational information.

This set of records may not be complete. Your local health department may have additional water well records that are not on this website.

Questions or comments pertaining to this database should be directed to Anita Ladouceur at






Town: Example:22N

Range: Example:03W

Section:    Example:11