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Renewable Operating Permit Program

ROP Recent Actions and Related Information
  • Recent Actions - View
    • Draft ROPs in 30-day public comment period
    • Proposed ROPs in 45-day EPA comment period
    • Final ROPs issued within the last six months
  • Flowchart - Representation of the Public Notice Timeline - View

  • File Names - ROP document naming conventions - View

  • Source Lists & Permit Documents* - The complete list of sources subject to the ROP program is available sorted by State Registration Number (the source ID number), the source name, or the location.  All plans referenced in final ROPs can be obtained from the appropriate AQD district office.

         *If a link leads to a page with only "parent directory" showing, this indicates that no formal ROP documents yet exist for this source. 

    For further information about a source's ROP status, contact the appropriate District Office.


  • USEPA Region 5 Michigan Permits Website is updated weekly and provides issuance information for all ROPs issued in Michigan. - View

    • Weekly ROP Summary Data - The data represented in the spreadsheet is for all ROP applications processed by the AQD.  Some data elements may not be populated due to database limitations and/or data entry business requirements; the data may or may not be quality assured/quality controlled.  - View

    • Key to Weekly ROP Statistics - View


  • List of Voided ROPs - View

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