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Agency: Environmental Quality

Docket of contested cases:  The docket lists the case name, file number and statute under which the case was filed.  A case that was dismissed during the time period the docket covered is identified in the status column. 

Questions or comments for the Office of Administrative Hearings may be directed to:

Office of Administrative Hearings,  Phone: (517) 335-4226; Facsimile: 517-335-5420.

  1. FDO means a final determination and order was issued in a case by the Director after a formal hearing.  An FDO contains two documents; a Proposal for Decision issued by an Administrative Law Judge, and the FDO which accepts, rejects or modifies the Proposal for Decision.
  2. D means an order of dismissal was issued without a hearing, usually at the request of the Petitioner.
  3. SR means that a status report is due to be filed on the date indicated.  Petitioners that are involved in informal settlement discussions with the Department report progress through periodic status reports.

DateNameFile NumberDivisionPartNext ActionStatus
3/25/2008106 Laura Street, LLC07-53-0042-PLWM301 & 303 Hearing 10/5-9/15 @ 9:00 am
8/7/20149056 Boyne City Road, LLC14-15-0011-PLWM301 & 303 D=1/22/15
10/16/2009A. Lindberg & Sons, Inc.09-52-0029-PLWM301 D=8/4/10
1/22/2010Abbott, Ron10-41-0003-PLWM301 & 303 D=11/18/10
4/22/2013Abraham, David and Susan12-05-0081-PLWM301 & 303 D=11/26/13
8/22/2007Abrahamson, Steven06-53-0064-PLWM301 D=1/2/08
3/16/2007Achtyes, Daniel G.06-61-0064-PLWM353 D=12/5/07
7/17/2007Adams, John06-51-0051-P & 07-51-038-PLWM303 FDO=8/5/11
1/8/2008Airbets, Patrick J.07-26-0082-PLWM301 D=6/3/08
6/24/2009Albert, Todd and Lisa09-17-0012-PLWM301 D=1/10/12
8/16/2006Alef, Richard06-24-0018-PLWM303 D=6/20/07
1/17/2012Alfred Brock on the permit issued to Wayne County11-82-0028-PLWM31 & 301 D=3/29/12
11/17/2009Aljo Park Company LLC08-70-0095-PLWM301 & 303 D=9/17/12
3/8/2007Allegan Metal Finishing CompanyMI0042722WB31 D=7/26/07
12/15/2004Allegan Metal Finishing CompanyMI0042722WB31 D=10/9/06
12/21/2009Alleva Trust, Bernice09-34-0016-PLWM31 FDO=7/27/10
9/7/2011Alliance, GLELC, Lake Erie Waterkeeper, MEC, & Sierra Club on the permit issued to City of DWSDMI0022802WB31 & 41 D=4/9/13
10/19/2006Altenburg Corp., & Ted L. Altenburg & Susan Altenburg on the permit issued to Silver Lodge ResortMOP 80-15-0510-MLWM301 D=5/21/10
5/14/2001Alternative Fuels L.C.-Scrap Tire Collection Site, 2001 Collection Site Registration DenialSite S-3-54-71306WMD169 D=2/2/07
7/14/2000Altobell, Jonny00-82-0004-PLWM303 & 31 D=12/14/10
5/15/2013Amell, John and Mary13-03-0021-PLWM353 D=10/16/13
8/28/2014Anglers of the Au Sable on the permit issued to Harrietta-Grayling Fish Hatch (Consolidated)MI0059209LWM31 & 41Hearing-2/8-12/16 & 2/24 & 25/16 @ 9:00 am 
9/23/2005Anglers of the AuSable, Nancy A. Forcier Trust, & Mayer Family Investments, LLC on the Certificate of Coverage issued to Merit Energy CompanyMIG081051WB31 FDO=2/9/07
9/29/2009Appleby, Diana K.A2009013VDNR305 D=5/5/10
2/19/2008Aqua Marine, L.L.C.MOP 86-15-0853-MLWM301 D=10/24/08
5/1/2007Aque, Nancy and Walter06-11-0155-PLWM323 D=7/17/07
3/24/2008Arcadia Township07-51-0005-PLWM301 D=3/2/09
8/27/2007Arrigo, Bart07-15-0010-PLWM303 D=10/1/07
3/10/2010Atikian, Arlene09-63-0231-PLWM303 D=6/25/10
10/19/2007Azzar, James07-41-0051-PLWM301 & 303 D=7/14/15
12/20/2011B & B Financial Enterprises, Inc (White, Gary)11-47-0040-PLWM301 & 303 FDO=1/27/14
11/26/2012B & B Financial Enterprises, Inc.12-47-0039-PLWM301 & 303 D=3/25/14
4/2/2014Bain, John13-15-0085-PLWM301 D=8/1/14
6/24/2013Bair, Jim and MicheleUM2013004VDNR305 D=10/6/14
2/23/2009Baise, Timothy08-05-0070-PLWM301 & 303 D=10/18/11
3/29/2006Barnhart, John J.05-32-0044-PLWM325 D=5/29/07
3/14/2005Barrett Boat Works, Inc.04-70-0217-PLWM301 FDO=1-13/10
11/26/2008Barrett, Dennis08-26-0038-PLWM301 D=8/28/09
12/4/2008Barrows, Donald F.08-45-0003-PLWM303 D=3/16/11
9/18/2006Barsanti, Gregg06-03-0077-PLWM323 D=12/6/06
10/11/2006Bay County Department of Water and SewerMI0042439WB31 D=12/10/07
3/23/2011Beauregard, Peter11-50-0003-PLWM325Pre-Hearing Phone Conference 6/29/11 @ 10:00 am 
5/8/2006Becker, Charles05-77-0006-PLWM353 D=3/8/07
8/28/2009Becker, David L. and Janice L.09-39-0037-PLWM301 D=10/6/09
8/12/2008Behler, Dave and JudithPM2008014SUDNR305 D=6/29/09
12/28/2007Beights, Jeff07-45-0056-PLWM303 D=7/31/08
2/23/2007Bella Vita of Milford Development06-63-0254-PLWM301 & 303 D=5/16/07
8/13/2007Benjamin Center Canal Association06-50-0147-PLWM325 D=2/22/08
1/21/2011Bennetts, Harry10-31-0047-PLWM301 D=9/29/11
12/20/2005Bergmann, Douglas Jr.05-15-0002-WALWM303 D=1/19/07
7/16/2010Bianchini, Roy10-74-0008-PLWM301 & 303 D=3/9/11
8/24/2015Bielawski, Dennis13-50-0169-PLWM301 & 303Status Report Filing Date-12/14/15 
12/5/2007Biermacher, Richard F.07-71-0017-PLWM301 D=10/6/08
2/16/2012Bigelow, Michael11-70-0138-PLWM301 D=7/17/12
6/5/2007Bihler, W. George06-63-0307-PLWM301 & 303 D=8/4/10
11/25/2009Billings Township Wastewater Treatment PlantMI0055719WB41 D=2/15/11
8/29/2005Bil-Mar Restaurant04-70-0212-PLWM353 D=10/9/07
4/14/2006Bilyeu, Daniel M.06-71-0001-PLWM303 D=9/26/07
4/2/2009Bishop, Jeffrey08-44-0046-PLWM301 & 303 D=12/21/09
8/6/2009Black River Intercounty Drain Board08-76-0025-PLWM301 D=11/10/11
6/6/2006Black, William and Gwendolyn06-49-0002-PLWM303 D=10/26/06
12/22/2005Blackwood, Tim and Mary05-01-0010-PLWM303 D=11/20/06
10/12/2006Blake Jr., Thomas E.06-26-0084-PLWM301 D=1/12/07
11/7/2007Blakely F. Bundy Trust11-12-0009-0023-18-5LWM323 D=10/7/08
6/23/2005Blissett, Malcolm05-70-0041-PLWM323 & 353 FDO=1/9/08
3/19/2007Bloomfield Hills Oaks LLC06-63-0153-PLWM301 & 303 D=9/14/07
2/1/2005Bloomquist Jr., Robert04-47-0112-PLWM303 D=11/1/11
11/20/2007Bonamici, Jean H.07-74-0125-PLWM325 D=5/6/10
10/10/2007Borek, Anthony & Bujalski, Anthony07-04-0007-P & 07-04-0006-PLWM303 D=11/17/09
5/3/2011Bouwman, David10-45-0083-PLWM303 D=9/19/11
5/19/2005Boxer, FrankPM05-01VDNR305Draft FDO & file over to DNR 9/8/06 
2/24/2010Boyce Hydro LLC09-26-0045-PLWM301 D=8/31/11
12/16/2013Boyce Hydro LLC13-56-0005-PLWM301 D=7/22/14
2/26/2007Brady, James & Patricia06-70-0189-PLWM323 & 353 D=9/26/07
10/24/2008Brandt, Thomas A.Operator ID # 10919EADHad to pick a division not correct it is ESSD D=2/17/09
4/7/2011Bredernitz, Glenn10-20-0003-PLWM301 D=9/20/11
11/14/2008Brian A. Tremblay & Charles M. Tremblay08-17-0015-PLWM303 D=6/30/09
10/16/2009Brickyard LLC08-52-0091-PLWM301 & 303 D=3/22/10
2/7/2014Brickyard LLC13-52-0063-PLWM301 & 303 D=3/25/14
2/23/2004Bridgman, Paul03-74-0029-PGLM303 & 325SR-10/10/05 
11/3/2005Briggs, Richard Newton05-70-0147-PLWM301 D=6/17/08
7/1/2013Bro G Land Company13-61-0017-PLWM323 & 353 D=12/19/14
8/26/2008Brockway, Vern08-47-0016-PLWM303Status Report Filing Date-1/14/16 
10/18/2007Brookside, LLC07-23-0007-PLWM301 & 303 D=6/18/08
5/15/2006Brown, Charles & Nancy05-80-0075-PLWM353 D=7/26/07
11/24/2014Bruce A. Hakala13-54-0044-PLWM303Hearing-1/12/16 @ 9:00 am 
10/5/2012Bruce Carpenter on the permit issued to City of Traverse City12-28-0011-PLWM31, 301, 303, & 315 D=6/11/13
3/8/2007Buford, Robert J.06-11-0130-PLWM353 FDO=2/9/09
12/15/2010Building Ideals Inc.10-05-0035-PLWM303 D=7/25/12
4/18/2007Bundy, Douglas06-49-0062-PLWM303 D=4/13/10
5/3/2007Bunting, Clark and Karen06-28-0066-PLWM301 D=6/4/07
3/19/2012Buonocore, Richard11-53-0043-PLWM353 D=11/14/13
2/23/2009Bush, David08-44-0042-PLWM301 D=8/4/09
7/28/2008Bustorf Dairy, LLC and Juergen BustorfMI0058479WB31 D=4/27/09
10/27/2008Buszek, Richard08-44-0022-pLWM301 D=4/23/10
4/30/2010Byford, Mark10-23-0001-PLWM31 D=9/1/11
9/24/2009Byker, Gaylen08-62-0035-PLWM303 D=1/26/10
6/30/2008Bylaitis, Val08-27-0006-PLWM301 D=1/22/09
3/9/2007C. Smith, Roger W. Caster, & Thurman A. Sample on the permit issued to CSX Transportation Inc06-63-0059-PLWM303 D=5/29/07
10/25/2012Calhoun County Water Resources CommissionNo fileNo.WB91 D=12/13/12
12/15/2009Calouette, Todd09-21-0019-PLWM303 D=10/19/10
10/13/2006Campbell, HughPM06-17VDNR305 D=2/7/07
10/29/2010Campbell, Stephen M.10-74-0068-PLWM325 D=6/30/11
9/28/2007Campus North, LLC on the permit issued to Investment Property Associates07-70-0086-PLWM301 & 303 D=10/16/07
2/17/2005Candy, Dale03-65-0009-PLWM301 & 303 D=4/20/07
10/31/2007Capra, Lucille07-45-0029-PLWM303 D=5/22/09
8/27/2007Card Companies07-54-0014-PLWM301 & 303 D=9/22/10
3/8/2010Carre Properties, LLC09-45-0070-PLWM303 & 325 D=10/14/10
3/6/2006Caughey, JonPM05-41SUDNR305 D=10/27/06
7/14/2005Cavric, Thomas D.04-72-0040-PLWM303 D=11/24/08
7/25/2012Cedar Valley Associates11-70-0016-PLWM301 & 303 D=11/6/14
5/19/2009Central Saving Bank08-17-0085-PLWM303 D=4/13/10
12/10/2007Chamberlin, John B.11-10-2670-0026-00-9LWM323 D=1/30/09
8/5/2008Chambers, Bruce07-80-0033-PLWM353 D=12/1/09
3/22/2006Charles Clark et al on the permit issued to Ed Clark05-26-0111-PLWM303 FDO=7/28/09
3/9/2006Charter Township of Brownstown05-82-0187-PLWM31 D=1/30/07
1/23/2014Charter Township of OaklandNo file #WB31 D=7/20/15
9/3/2010Charter Township of OscodaGW1810213WB31 & 41 D=7/14/11
5/30/2013Charter Township of White LakeMIG610278WB31 D=4/15/14
10/19/2006Charter Township of York on the permit issued to Stony Creek Manufactured Home CommunityMI0057984WB31 D=5/27/08
9/21/2009Cheboygan County Drain Commissioner on the permit issued to Genesee County2009-01WB327 D=3/5/10
7/2/2010Cheboygan Waterfront LLC09-16-0034-PLWM303 D=6/19/13
6/3/2008Childs, Bryan08-35-0022-PLWM325 D=8/18/08
11/7/2008Chippewa County Road Commission08-17-0045-P & 08-17-0046-PLWM301 & 31 D=5/4/09
7/23/2007Chippewa County Road Commission07-17-0054-PLWM301 & 303 D=11/3/09
12/30/2008Christian, Richard08-13-0020-PLWM301 D=8/25/09
3/13/2006Church, Jeff05-25-0164-PLWM301 & 303 D=1/29/08
11/30/2006Cini, David06-18-0072-PLWM301 D=2/14/07
5/3/2011Circuit Electric Inc. and Peter Bultsma on the permit issued to Kent County Department of Public Works10-41-0082-PLWM301 & 303 D=3/29/12
8/31/2009City of Allen Park on the NPDES MS4 General Permit Certificate of CoverageMIG610020WB31Oral Argument-8/24/15 @ 10:00 am 
7/1/2014City of AlmaMI0020265WB31 D=7/20/15
10/2/2009City of Ann Arbor559LWM315 D=5/13/10
2/9/2007City of Ann ArborMI0022217WB31 D=8/14/07
10/2/2009City of Ann Arbor – Ann Arbor WWTPMI0022217WB31Status Report Filing Date-11/16/09 
11/29/2005City of Ann Arbor and Robert E. Bailey on the permit issued to Pall CorporationMI0048453WB31 D=2/21/07
11/29/2004City of Ann Arbor, City of Chelsea, Loch Alpine Sanitary Authority, & Village of DexterMI22217,20737,24066,22829WB31 D=4/3/07
3/12/2009City of Boyne City07-15-0002-PLWM301 D=6/11/13
5/14/2007City of Brighton06-47-0101-PLWM301 & 303 D=9/5/07
11/8/2013City of CadillacMI0020257WB31 D=1/15/16
5/20/2009City of ChelseaMI0020737WB31Status Report Filing Date-11/6/09 
1/6/2009City of Flat Rock08-82-0078-PLWM301 D=3/18/09
4/6/2006City of Flat Rock05-82-0212-PLWM301 D=11/21/06
11/28/2000City of FlintMI 0022926SWQ31 D=11/17/06
12/20/2010City of Flint Wastewater Treatment PlantMI0022926WB31 D=9/26/11
10/9/2006City of Mason05-33-0072-PLWM303 D=2/13/08
4/18/2007City of OwossoMI0023752WB31 D=8/7/07
10/16/2006City of Sault Ste MarieMI0024058WB31 D=9/3/08
1/5/2007City of Sylvan Lake06-63-0139-PLWM301 D=5/19/09
7/17/2003City of Troy03-63-0084-PGLM301, 303, & 31 D=3/10/08
11/1/2010City of Wyandotte09-82-0012-PLWM301 D=2/27/12
10/5/2007Clark Properties07-52-0051-PLWM303 D=8/28/08
9/30/2004Clark, David04-72-0033-PGLM303 D=7/26/07
5/14/2007Clinton Anderson, The Red Moose Lodge LLC, & C.A. Guide ServicePM07-05VDNR305 D=10/24/07
6/10/2008Clinton Conservation District07-19-0014-PLWM301 D=8/4/09
9/4/2007Clous, William07-28-0004-PLWM303 D=11/17/09
6/17/2008Cole, Burke07-13-0037-PLWM303 D=8/28/08
12/22/2005Collins, Michael05-80-0028-PLWM353SR-1/27/06 
3/6/2007Colt Farms, Inc.MI0057163WB31 D=7/19/07
9/18/2014Constance Saltonstall on the permit issued to Alex Hollenbeck14-15-0006-PLWM301Hearing 7/21-22/15 @ 9:00 am 
3/24/2009Conway, Jr., Vincent J.08-28-0058-PLWM325 D=7/21/09
6/15/2009Cook, Gary D.08-26-0002-PLWM303 D=12/1/10
10/28/2008Coon Hollow Properties, LLC08-75-0014-PLWM301 & 303 D=4/20/09
6/1/2006Cornell, Joe05-51-0042-PLWM303 D=6/8/07
12/14/2006Corra, Pete06-17-0050-PLWM303 D=2/5/08
7/27/2012Corunna Dam379WB315Status Report Due 12/21/15 
7/14/2011Couture, Randall E.11-35-0026-PLWM301 D=8/18/11
5/24/2006Cowden Lake Improvement Board05-59-0044-PLWM301 D=12/14/06
9/22/2010Cozad, David and Kathy10-20-0003-PLWM303 D=1/24/11
9/2/2009Cramer, Tim08-04-0019-PLWM301 & 303 D=9/22/10
6/10/2005Creekside Village, LLC04-82-0282-PLWM301 & 303 D=4/13/11
2/7/2011Cross Sand and Stone10-74-0085-PLWM301 D=6/9/11
7/22/2004Crystal Lake Association on the permit issued to Michigan Department of Natural Resources03-10-0044-PGLM301 & 303 FDO=11/24/08
10/6/2006Cseke, Louis06-82-0065-PLWM31 D=10/17/07
2/9/2016Cumming, James B15-72-0028-PLWM301SR Due-5/9/16 
1/20/2015Cypher, Flora14-64-0077-PLWM301 D=5/13/15
1/11/2011Dale Heverly and Ron Ternes10-71-0003-PLWM303 D=2/14/11
10/23/2008Dale, Doris M.08-37-0033-PLWM301 D=5/22/09
1/29/2016Dan and Janet Gillespie74-7485 Venice Highway-Harsens IslandLWM325 & 303SR Due=4/11/16 
10/5/2004Dan Byrne Oil Company04-41-0077-PLWM303 D=3/10/10
4/5/2011Dan Noyes on the permit issued to William Johnson10-49-0066-PLWM325 D=6/18/12
11/19/2007Danno, Rosie11-10-0021-0012-01-9LWM323 D=12/23/08
5/5/2014Danou, Samir13-63-0092-PLWM301 D=1/28/16
6/4/2007David & Susan Riegger on the permit issued to Marian Hill et al07-59-0008-PLWM301 D=3/18/09
3/4/2008David and Donna Spearman on the permit issued to Grand Rapids Gravel Company07-70-0195-PLWM301 D=10/31/08
4/27/2007David Davis on the permit issued to Barrett Paving Materials, Inc.05-81-0053-PLWM301 D=5/22/08
9/30/2010David G. VerSluis, Jr. on the permit issued to Grattan TownshipGW1810064WB31 & 41 D=1/9/12
4/23/2010David Gipson on the permit issued to Daniel Ulfig09-38-0085-PLWM31, 301, & 303 D=7/22/10
11/30/2015David S. Foster on the permit issued to James M. Ludwig15-11-0005-PLWM303Pre-Hearing Telephone Conference-3/14/16 @ 10:00 a.m. 
4/10/2006David S. Fullington on the permit issued to Richard and Sharon Hobig05-74-0119-PLWM325 FDO=12/19/08
8/28/2015David Sons on the permit issued to Village of Paw Paw15-80-0005-PLWM301Telephone Conference-5/2/16 @ 10:00 am; Hearing-7/9/16 @ 9:00 am 
8/11/2008Day, GeorgeNo File No.DNR305 D=10/29/08
2/21/2007Deagle, Murray06-63-0276-PLWM301 D=6/21/07
6/26/2012Dean, Steve11-04-0009-PLWM303 D=1/17/13
3/1/2013Decker, James E.12-03-0079-PLWM301 D=7/9/15
1/11/2010Decorative Panels International, Inc.MI-ROP-B1476-2009AQD55 D=11/18/2010
12/29/2003Decorative Panels International, Inc.ROP No. 199600007AQD55 D=12/1/06
1/24/2013DeGayner, Brett12-25-0062-PLWM301 & 303Status Report Filing Date-3/18/16 
3/8/2006DeJonge, Mitchell05-61-0020-PLWM323 & 353 D=3/23/07
12/22/2008Delich, Robert08-27-0027-PLWM303 D=11/10/09
5/12/2006Demirjian, BradleyCP No. 1042RRD215 FDO=7/20/07
9/23/2005DeMund, John05-49-0041-PLWM301 & 303 D=9/4/07
11/9/2007Dennany, Charles07-08-0012-PLWM301 & 303 D=10/19/10
7/25/2006Denno, Ben and Linda06-18-0008-PLWM303 D=1/8/07
4/13/2007DeShetler, John David06-49-0061-PLWM353 D=8/17/07
11/28/2005Detroit Edison CompanyMI0001848WB31 D=5/27/08
9/13/2007Detroit International Bridge Company07-74-0023-PLWM301 & 303Telephone Pre-Hearing Conference-5/11/16 @ 10:00 am 
2/13/2008Detroit International Bridge Company07-74-0002-WALWM303 D=6/4/09
11/18/2010Devon Jr., Scott Wesley10-24-0031-PLWM301 D=1/19/11
10/3/2011Dewachter, Ronald and Katherine11-72-0006-PLWM303 D=4/26/12
7/10/2006Deyermond, Elizabeth06-11-0020-PLWM353 D=11/29/06
9/7/2004Diane M. Cook on the permit issued to Joan Sankowski04-14-0019-PGLM301 D=6/2/08
1/4/2011Dipert, Kirby10-16-0046-PLWM303 D=5/27/11
9/24/2008Dirks, David and Jennie08-36-0011-PLWM303 D=3/18/09
11/2/2005DLF Homeowners Association04-63-0328-PLWM301D=11/6/09 
10/30/2008Dodman, Michael08-26-0056-PLWM301 D=8/19/09
3/26/2007Doersam, Paul & Mary06-49-0044-PLWM301 D=6/19/07
12/29/2005Doezema, William05-70-0033-pLWM353 D=7/19/07
2/2/2009Don Wobith on the permit issued to Sally and Janis Temple08-03-0106-PLWM301 D=6/16/09
1/4/2010Donald A. Cornell, d.b.a. D.A. Cornell Well Drilling43-1815WB  D=3/4/10
8/24/2005Dougherty, Dennis05-17-0015-PLWM301 & 325SR-11/16/05 
6/20/2006Douglas B. Stapleton et al05-74-0214-PLWM325 D=10/20/09
8/28/2014Douglas J. DenUyl and Andrea DenUyl on the permit issued to Point West 1 (Consolidated Cases)13-70-0092-PLWM301Status Report Filing Date-12/11/15, & 3/11/16 
11/24/2006Doyle, Michael O & Ruth A06-35-0043-PLWM323 D=2/12/07
12/17/2007Driftwood Resort & Marina LLC07-65-0042-PLWM301 D=4/11/08
10/5/2007Drost, Bob07-15-0036-PLWM301 & 303 D=3/18/08
1/3/2007Duff, Donald06-45-0040-PLWM323, 303, & 353 D=12/10/07
3/14/2007Duffey, Michael & Deborah06-03-0099-PLWM301 & 303 D=1/29/08
11/14/2005Dulyea, Dan05-62-0051-PLWM301SR-12/9/05 
9/27/2007Durston, Morley06-16-0070-PLWM301 D=12/21/07
12/18/2008Dysinger, Donald & Wozniak, Michael E.08-18-0045-P & 08-18-0044-PLWM301 D=7/16/09
10/25/2007Eas-Gro LLC07-45-0044-PLWM303 D=3/2/09
7/11/2007East Shores Development Inc.06-05-0071-PLWM303 D=3/18/08
6/11/2008Eaton County Drain Commissioner08-23-0001-PLWM301 & 303 D=10/3/08
12/12/2005Eaton County Drain Commissioner05-23-0001-PLWM301 & 303 D=10/12/06
6/2/2008Edgewater Bank08-11-0010-p & 08-11-0011-pLWM323 & 353 D=11/2/09
5/13/2005Edw. C. Levy Co.MI-ROP-B4364 & B4243AQD55SR-11/30/05 
12/15/2008Edwards, Susan07-17-0145-PLWM325 D=1/12/11
6/2/2015Edwin H. Campbell et all on the permit issued to Deniss and Nancy Schreur13-05-0069-PLWM301 D=2/19/16
11/11/2011Edwin Martel et al on the permit issued to Grand Traverse County11-28-0032-pLWM301 D=9/4/12
6/11/2007Edwin Martel et al on the permit issued to Grand Traverse County06-28-0068-PLWM301 FDO=4/22/09
11/11/2011Edwin Martel et al on the permit issued to the City of Traverse City11-28-0025-PLWM301 D=12/26/12
9/20/2011Eggers, Russ , Jr.11-73-0015-PLWM301 & 303 D=9/11/12
4/30/2008Elberta Land Holding Company, LLC07-10-0028-PLWM301 D=1/19/10
10/12/2007Eldon E. Johnson on the permit issued to APJ Properties, LLC07-15-0019-PLWM301 FDO=10/12/09
1/22/2009Elizabeth A. Gass on the permit issued to Phil Lobbezoo08-08-0033-PLWM301 & 303 FDO=6/22/10
4/14/2009Engelhardt, David L.08-09-0066-PLWM325 D=8/31/10
12/19/2006Englerth, Mark W.06-08-0022-PLWM301 & 303 FDO=1/27/09
4/22/2008Erickson, William07-51-0025-PLWM303 D=7/22/10
10/6/2008Fabris, James08-16-0029-PLWM301 D=4/2/09
7/14/2005Fansler, Patricia04-03-0114-PLWM353 D=9/11/14
12/1/2009Farley, Charles09-44-0028-PLWM301 & 303 D=7/13/10
6/16/2014Fawn River Restoration and Conservation Charitable Trust on the permit issued to Miller Poultry Investments, LLCMI0059123LWM31 D=10/14/15
6/2/2006Finney, Suzanne05-03-0126-PLWM303 D=11/17/09
10/27/2008Floyd Reimink on the permit issued to David Brandon08-70-0189-PLWM301 D=8/8/11
2/3/2014Follmer, Barbara13-05-0044-PLWM303 & 353 D=9/19/14
4/5/2007Forest Bay Condominium AssociationMOP 86-15-0686-MLWM301 D=7/25/08
1/15/2008Four Square Development, LLC06-46-0023-PLWM301 D=12/1/11
8/25/2005Foutch, Gayle05-26-0066-PLWM301SR-10/28/05 
4/14/2006Fox Creek, LimitedNo file #WB31 FDO=11/12/09
2/23/2009Fox, Larry08-59-0032-PLWM301 D=5/12/09
12/5/2006Francis, Norman06-08-0047-PLWM301 D=3/19/07
5/14/2007Franco Bianchi and Alessandra Musiani06-70-0287-PLWM323 & 353 D=7/10/07
4/20/2007Frank Skinner on the permit issued to CAL Enterprises06-25-0122-PLWM303 FDO=11/28/07
12/6/2007Franko, Shirley07-37-0020-PLWM301 D=10/6/08
12/14/2009Fred and Marie Daris on the permit issued to Deer Lake Estates Association09-63-0087-PLWM301 FDO=10/21/10
6/24/2009Frederick Maki d/b/a/ J.F.K. Maki07-01WB117 D=12/15/09
9/29/2006Frederick Phillips & Associates06-11-0053-PLWM303 D=10/5/07
5/1/2002Fried, Barbara J. and Staffney,Vince01-61-0006-CLWM353 D=3/6/07
3/3/2008Future Mold Corporation07-18-0059-PLWM303 D=6/29/09
4/2/2008Gagne, Oliver07-45-0109-PLWM301 & 303 D=10/11/10
9/2/2008Gallagher, Jim08-32-0036-PLWM325 D=10/30/08
4/4/2008Gandolfi, James07-26-0121-PLWM301 D=6/24/08
1/23/2006Ganos, Doreen05-82-0149-PLWM31 D=11/17/06
2/5/2009Ganton, John08-45-0067-PLWM301 FDO=8/11/11
8/29/2007Ganton, John07-38-0017-PLWM301 D=1/18/08
8/20/2007Garrett Reer Jr. d/b/a Garrett Reer & SonWD#59-0556WB  D=10/19/07
9/19/2006Gary J. Harmon on the permit issued to Jerry E. Keck06-79-0029-PLWM301 & 303 D=12/11/06
10/17/2006Gary Margolis on the permit issued to Auville Krause04-11-0108-PLWM301 & 303 D=2/14/07
10/3/2014Gary Medler on the permit issued to Dune Ridge SA LP (Consolidated Cases)14-03-0020-P through 14-03-0028-PLWM353 D=9/10/15
9/8/2014Gary Schafer and Vicky Schafer on the permit issued to Alex Hollenbeck14-15-0006-PLWM301Hearing 7/21-22/15 @ 9:00 am 
8/4/2008Gary Sleiman - Camp Taha08-44-0004-PLWM301 D=6/15/11
3/16/2007Gateway Communities Development Collaborative on the permit issued to Detroit International Bridge Company06-82-0121-PLWM301 D=11/20/12
2/15/2011Gene Champagne-Concerned Citizens of Big Bay on the permit issued to Kennecott Eagle Minerals CompanyMP 01 2007GSD632 D=2/9/12
6/23/2008Germano Management Company07-58-0041-PLWM301 D=10/7/09
2/8/2010Gerou Excavating09-02-0014-PLWM303 D=6/19/13
3/24/2014Gerry Schultz, Brian Dittmer, and Adam Naish on the permit issued to William Gilbert13-63-0210-PLWM303Exceptions to PFD Due 7/16/15; Response Due 7/30/15 
3/16/2007Gervasio, Daniel06-17-0085-PLWM303 D=7/14/07
11/7/2008Gettysburg Estates Outlot B Homeowners Association on the permit issued to Eaton County Drain Commissioner08-23-0001-PLWM301 & 303 FDO=3/18/10
8/27/2008Ghesquiere, Lee08-63-0073-PLWM301 D=4/2/09
5/28/2008GIA Dock Owners Association08-02-0005-PLWM325 D=5/11/10
11/14/2008Gibbs, Keith08-26-0065-PLWM301 D=3/2/09
6/22/2007Gierczyk-Oselka LLC07-11-0017-PLWM323 & 353 D=9/21/07
2/15/2008Gilbert Creek Ranch LLC07-54-0047-PLWM301 D=1/30/09
11/29/2007Gilbert, Roy06-51-0048-PLWM303 D=3/18/08
10/12/2007Gillons, Josh07-03-0005-PLWM303 D=3/11/08
2/23/2009Gilroy, Tori07-80-0060-PLWM323 & 353 D=9/24/09
10/15/2014Gina M. Nicholas on the permit issued to Betty Baldauf14-42-0011-PLWM301Status Report Filing Date-4/29/16 
10/6/2010Giordana, Jerome and Sheri10-36-0022-PLWM301 D=2/4/11
8/19/2005Glen Arbor Township05-45-0026-PLWM301 D=12/28/06
9/18/2009Glinski, Frank09-47-0027-PLWM303 D=2/7/12
8/4/2015Gloor, Andy14-64-0087-PLWM323 D=10/15/15
2/9/2005Glowski, David04-74-0204-PLWM301 & 303 D=2/18/10
7/22/2005Gogebic Conservation District on the permit issued to MDNR Fisheries Division05-27-0001-PLWM301 & 315 D=3/28/06
7/29/2013Goosen, Todd13-08-0003-PLWM301 D-11/15/13
9/15/2006Graettinger Brothers Pentwater Properties05-64-0068-PLWM353 D=4/18/07
7/18/2008Grand Haven Storage LLC08-70-0049-PLWM301 D=5/7/13
9/8/2014Grand Traverse Band of Ottawa & Chippewa Indians14-45-00007-PLWM325 D=4/27/16
9/15/2008Grande Pointe Development LLC07-74-0161-PLWM301 & 303 D=5/22/13
3/2/2009Grant, Lee B.08-04-0020-PLWM303 FDO=7/20/10
8/5/2013Grass Lake Improvement Board09--63-0026-P (cost)LWM301 D=6/23/14
6/30/2009Grass Lake Improvement Board09-63-0026-PLWM301 D=7/17/13
10/30/2007Greater Flint Building & Landscape07-25-0043-PLWM301 D=5/27/08
11/3/2008Green Oak Charter Township on the Permit issued to Woodland Ridge Manufactured Housing Community, Ltd.MI0058426WB31 D=6/7/10
11/21/2006Green Oak Township05-47-0112-PLWM301 D=9/14/07
11/8/2007Gregart, James and Linda07-01-0005-PLWM301 & 303D=9/22/08 
4/11/2013Gregory E. Thompson on the permit issued to Charles Mok12-50-0109-PLWM325 FDO=3/10/15
7/19/2006Gregory, William05-47-0154-PLWM301 D=1/19/07
8/16/2005Gregory, William & Nancy05-47-0023-PLWM301 & 315 D=1/19/07
12/28/2005Grenadier, Glenn05-50-125-PLWM325 D=1/12/07
8/6/2005Grogan, Thomas J./Frederick Shoaff05-45-0014-PLWM325 D=10/1/07
5/18/2009Grosse Pointe Yacht Club (GPYC) and Village of Grosse Pointe Shores (GPS)08-82-0054-PLWM325 D=7/13/15
7/21/2009GTM Properties LLC09-74-0005-PLWM325 D=8/16/11
7/26/2005Guenther Builders04-81-0064-PLWM303 D=5/9/07
11/30/2006Guse, Ronald06-47-0099-PLWM301 D=4/17/07
1/11/2007H. Nicholas and Patricia Veit Trust06-11-0100-PLWM353 D=7/23/07
8/4/2005Hall, David & Debra05-24-0010-PLWM303SR-10/7/05 
8/21/2008Hamar, Todd07-31-0081-PLWM303 D=12/23/08
3/30/2006Hammerschmidt, Gerard05-81-0055-PLWM303 D=1/22/09
12/7/2007Hammond, II, WayneNo File #DNR305 D=12/2/08
1/10/2008Hampson, Janet07-41-0148-PLWM301 D=2/15/08
4/16/2009Haney, HarveyNo file #DNRNone FDO=9/27/10
12/4/2007Hansen, Timothy11-07-4670-0169-00-3LWM323 D=7/7/08
11/16/2007Hansen, Timothy11-07-4670-0117-00-3 & 11-07-4670-0170-00-1LWM323 D=4/10/08
9/12/2011Hantz, John11-71-002-PLWM301 & 303 D=8/7/12
6/6/2009Harness, Brian08-63-0268-PLWM303 D=6/8/11
5/2/2007Harry C. and Joan C. Pully Jr., Henry D. and Ursula Chapman on the permit issued to Bill Weiss06-25-0179-PLWM303 FDO=2/29/08
10/22/2013Hasse, Richard13-55-0011-PLWM303 D=5/23/14
7/17/2007HDI Builders06-19-0031-PLWM303 D=2/4/08
10/4/2007Heard, Kevin07-05-0012-PLWM303 FDO=6/4/09
4/26/2006Heinlein, Adam05-19-0025-PLWM301 & 303 D=4/13/07
9/11/2007Heinrich, Steven J.07-27-0017-PLWM301 D=4/24/08
6/24/2013Hellenga, TrentUM2013003VDNR305 D=12/3/13
9/26/2008Hemker, Brent08-35-0034-PLWM301 D=2/9/09
12/9/2011Hemlock Semiconductor Corporation11-73-0028-PLWM303 D=5/21/12
7/24/2008Hendrix, Lynne08-70-0055-PLWM323D=5/11/09 
10/18/2006Henning, Jerry06-61-0014-PLWM353 FDO=6/15/09
8/23/2007Henry Ford Community College07-82-0011-PLWM301 D=5/20/08
3/24/2014Hidden Village Homeowner’s Association13-69-0003-PLWM301 D=12/19/14
7/19/2005Higgins Lake Property Owners Association on the permit issued to Grosbeck Boulevard Dock Association04-72-0016-PLWM301 FDO=12/21/09
5/22/2007Higgins Lake Village Estates Dock Association, Inc.07-72-0002-PLWM301 D=2/18/10
5/24/2010Hill, Chester09-05-0030-PLWM353 D=3/21/12
9/29/2010Hill, James D.10-35-0031-PLWM325 D=1/19/11
7/21/2008Hiltunen, Robert08-31-0027-PLWM303 D=10/27/08
10/12/2006Hines, Emily06-18-0023-PLWM301 D=1/10/07
12/5/1989Hitachi Magnetics Co.MI0027812SWQ031245 
12/5/1989Hitachi Magnetics Co.MI0027812SWQ031245D=11/27/96
11/13/2007Hoekwater, Ken07-18-0017-PLWM301 D=12/19/07
7/17/2008Hoffman, Fred J.08-24-0011-PLWM303 D=10/31/08
1/2/2008Hogan, AnnA2007024VDNR305 D=8/21/08
5/28/2013Hollis, Joe and Ann12-15-0041-PLWM303 D=9/23/13
12/11/2006Honeywell International, Inc. on the permit issued to Devlon Properties02-15-0009-PLWM301 D=1/7/09
1/8/2009Hou, Xiaoming08-37-0034-PLWM301 D=5/11/09
12/4/2012Howell, Dustin12-03-0063-PLWM303 D=5/7/13
9/7/2006Huron Country Club Subdivision Association06-47-0010-PLWM301 D=2/9/09
8/5/2008Huron Yacht Club08-32-0004-PLWM325 D=11/10/08
12/28/2005Huron-Clinton Metropolitan AuthorityNo file #LWM305 D=6/12/07
12/22/2008Hutchinson, Henry08-63-0271-PLWM303 D=10/13/14
8/21/2006Hyslop, George W.06-08-0004-PLWM301 & 303 D=1/13/09
1/18/2007Irelan, Dennis06-05-0046-PLWM303 D=3/7/07
11/17/2006Ireland, Harry06-05-0030-PLWM353 FDO=7/9/09
6/15/2011Irene M. Andary, Marie H. Andary-Eynon, and Paul H. Stevenson on the permit issued to the City of New Baltimore10-50-0118-PLWM325 D=10/4/12
6/4/2007Iseler, W. James07-32-0004-PLWM301 D=2/3/10
4/16/2014Ishmael, Don13-74-0137-PLWM325 D=11/21/14
12/15/2011Island Lake Improvement Board11-63-0142-PLWM301 D=3/20/12
9/14/2005J M Developments04-25-0119-PLWM301 & 303 D=1/19/07
6/4/2012Jacobson Corporation12-70-0041-PLWM301 D=10/22/12
5/21/2015Jacqueline Weldy Trust13-41-0086-PLWM301Status Report Filing Date-1/6/16 
5/1/2007James and Karla Aren on the permit issued to Leo Soave06-63-0338-PLWM301 FDO=2/19/08
3/18/2003James Holton on Exemption/permit issued to Sharon Bone01-63-0108-P & 04-63-0053-PGLM303 FDO=10/16/06
8/12/2008James L. Shrier and Nshan Hamparian07-15-0053-PLWM325 D=8/24/09
12/1/2009James Nicolai et al on the permit issued to Douglas Stapleton05-74-0214-PLWM325 D=10/19/10
2/11/2009Janes, Charlene08-81-0060-PLWM303 & 31 D=1/19/12
9/12/2014Janet Kohler Dueweke on the permit issued to Alex Hollenbeck14-15-0006-PLWM301Hearing 7/21-22/15 @ 9:00 am 
5/21/2013Jarvis, Leonard13-50-0018-PLWM301 D=4/28/14
7/21/2006Jedynak, James06-61-0020-PLWM353 D=10/30/06
1/20/2016Jeff and Renee Axt on the permit issued to Brad BothamWRP001231LWM303SR Due=3/17/16 
11/19/2012Jeff DeVries, et al on the permit issued to Ottawa County Drain Commissioner11-70-0103-PLWM31, 301, & 303 D=11/26/14
8/19/2011Jeffers, James11-25-0008-PLWM301 & 303 D=7/26/12
9/13/2007Jefferson F. Henry on the permit issued to the City of Scottville07-53-0008-PLWM301 FDO=4/20/09
1/22/2015Jeffrey Schubel, Anthony and Nancy Giustra on the permit issued to Jim and Denise Yaklin14-24-0026-PLWM353Hearing-8/26 & 27/15 at 9:00 am 
7/8/2005Jemal, Alex03-45-0082-PLWM353 FDO=2/8/08
3/19/2007Jenereaux, Sue & David06-07-0054-PLWM303 D=7/9/07
7/7/2014Jennifer Shorter and Joel Kato13-24-0035-PLWM303 D=3/3/15
10/13/2006Jensen, Randy05-47-0175-PLWM303 D=9/29/08
9/8/2014Jerome and Vickie Danhof on the permit issued to Alex Hollenbeck14-15-0006-PLWM301Hearing 7/21-22/15 @ 9:00 am 
1/11/2012Jerome Meyer & Innovative Environmental Solutions, Inc.CP# 107 & QC# Z00308RRD215 D=7/3/12
12/5/2006Jerry L. & Patricia A. Everhart - the Joseph J. Dudeck & Cynthia L. Verruso Revocable TrustLH 451LWM325D=9/15/08 
2/24/2009JJRG, LLC08-64-0062-PLWM301 & 303 D=1/21/10
11/19/2009JLW Investments09-33-0042-PLWM301 & 303 D=7/12/10
9/12/2006Jocham, Larry06-44-0013-PLWM303 D=1/2/08
2/1/2007John and Anne Krebill on the permit issued to Stephen Jackson06-41-0114-PLWM301 FDO=1/12/10
1/14/2016John and Christine Graham15-80-0011-PLWM323SR Due-3/1/16 
4/21/2009John and Cindy Herweyer on the permit issued to Barry County Road Commission08-08-0060-PLWM31 & 301 FDO=12/28/09
11/7/2007John F. Kobayashi, Yvonne M. & Robert F. Kobayashi11-13-7710-0060-00-6LWM323 D=4/7/08
12/4/2007John F. Newell & Susan Radzinowicz11-10-2660-0024-00-9LWM323 FDO=2/13/11
3/16/2007John Giammarco, Pasquale J. Giammarco, Sharon Giammarco, Terry Gouda and Saied Gouda on the permit issued to William & Nancy Gregory05-47-0023-PLWM301 D=4/21/09
11/22/2010John Plonka on the permit issued to Barbara Byrum10-63-0163-PLWM31 D=8/21/12
8/31/2015Johnson, Craig15-47-0034-PLWM301 D=3/10/16
6/13/2003Johnson, Kent02-11-0062-PGLM353 D=4/9/08
8/7/2007Johnson, Ross07-63-0078-PLWM301 D=7/2/08
3/5/2007Johnson, Scott H.06-10-0034-PLWM303 D=8/6/07
9/30/2009Jonathan Bradford et al09-62-0023-PLWM301 D=9/2/10
4/24/2008Jonesville Millpond Dam Emergency OrderDam ID 712LWM315D=5/15/08 
3/2/2012Joseph D. Ossmann on the permit issued to Village of Paw Paw11-80-0046-PLWM301 D=7/6/12
11/26/2007Joseph G. Temple Trust & Gayle R. Tilles (Consolidated Cases)11-13-7721-0065-01-1 & 11-13-7710-0063-00-5LWM323 D=8/4/09
8/10/2007Joseph R. Brown, d/b/a Joe Brown Drilling ContractorWD#91-1817WB  D=4/28/08
4/11/2006JPK Properties05-45-0086-PLWM303 D=6/27/14
9/19/2014Judith Krzeszewski Saltonstall on the permit issued to Alex Hollenbeck14-15-0006-PLWM301Hearing 7/21-22/15 @ 9:00 am 
3/12/2001Kalos Enterprises00-56-0045-PLWM303 D=11/6/09
12/7/2007Kamp, Joseph M. and Virginia R.11-11-1750-0007-00-5LWM323 D=4/10/08
6/23/2008Kantner, DavidNo file No.LWM323 D=8/21/08
11/2/2007Kaplan, Ivan M.11-13-7710-0059-00-8LWM323 D=4/16/08
3/12/2007Kasmer, Edward06-45-0071-PLWM303 D=3/2/09
7/5/2006Katherine Mazich et al on the Septage License issued to Sloan Septic Tank ServiceDEQ Septage License No. 33-02WB117 D=4/9/07
1/11/2006Kauten, James H.05-26-0108-PLWM301SR-2/2/06 
7/6/2009Kazziha, Samer & Sahla08-63-0262-PLWM303 D=9/22/09
9/14/2005Keech, Paul & Patricia05-49-0028-PLWM303 D=2/12/08
4/30/2013Keith and Marji VanOosterhout on the permit issued to Thomas Cunningham12-70-0155-PLWM301 D=6/10/14
8/3/2006Kempker, Russell and Mary05-70-0146-PLWM353 D=2/7/07
9/18/2006Kennedy, Kevin06-35-0027-PLWM301 D=1/25/07
9/7/2010Kent, Patsy10-20-0007-PLWM301 D=1/24/11
12/26/2007Keweenaw Bay Indian Community, Huron Mountain Club, National Wildlife Federation, & Yellow Dog Watershed Environmental Preserve, Inc., on permits issued to Kennecott Eagle Minerals CompanyGW1810162 & MP 01 2007WB31 & 632 FDO=1/14/10
3/10/2008Kibby, Vickie07-18-0045-PLWM301 D=1/30/09
1/30/2014Kime, Curtis and Sue13-15-0075-PLWM303 D=8/27/15
12/21/2007Kincaid, Richard & Karen06-05-0024-PLWM303 D=10/27/08
2/19/2008King, Patrick07-46-0037-PLWM301 & 303 D=6/16/10
4/22/2013King, Timothy12-15-0059-PLWM301 & 13 D=4/3/14
8/10/2007Kirksey Investment Corporation07-61-0015-PLWM301 D=6/30/08
8/15/2007Kistulenetz, Kevin07-47-0047-PLWM301 D=10/16/08
5/4/2009Knabusch-Taylor, June08-58-0042-PLWM325 D=11/24/09
3/13/2008Kobasic, David07-21-0037-PLWM325 D=10/15/08
12/15/2005Kobel, Paul05-70-0077-PLWM323 & 353 FDO=8/27/08
7/12/2006Komray, Betsy & Ray06-61-0016-PLWM353 D=9/6/07
12/21/2006Kool, Douglas06-70-0204-PLWM353 D=1/24/07
1/4/2008Koss, Donald A.11-12-0029-0009-30-6LWM323 D=2/9/09
11/8/2007Krainock, Glen07-63-0200-PLWM301 D=1/21/10
7/12/2002Krivitzky, Michael J.01-61-0029-CLWM353 D=11/21/05
1/26/2010Krueger, William09-63-0233-PLWM301Status Report Filing Date-6/22/10 
7/10/2008Lafarge Midwest Inc.MI-ROP-B1477-2006bAQD55 D=8/25/08
4/14/2008Laich, Frances07-71-0023-PLWM301D=9/25/08 
7/20/2007Lake Forest Land Company Inc.06-24-0052-PLWM301 D=10/27/10
7/16/2007Lake LeAnn Property Owners Association07-30-0002-PLWM301 D=12/13/07
1/16/2008Lake Manitou Association07-78-0015-PLWM301 D=9/14/12
11/28/2007Lake Michigan Beach Pottawattamie Resort, LLC11-10-1140-0001-02-3LWM323 D=4/11/08
1/17/2006Lake St Helen Shooting Club05-72-0001-PLWM301 & 303 D=10/31/06
4/19/2004Lake Waumegah Improvement Board03-63-0300-PGLM301 & 303 D=10/10/07
9/30/2014Lakeshore Camping on the permit issued to Dune Ridge SA LP (Consolidated Cases)14-03-0020-P through 14-03-0028-PLWM353Pre-Hearing Telephone Conference-4/25/16 @ 10:00 am 
1/6/2014Lakeshore-Shelby, Inc.13-50-0123-PLWM301 & 303Status Report Filing Date-4/4/16 
6/30/2006Land Concepts Group06-82-0002-PLWM303Telephone Status Conference-3/7/16 @ 10:00 am 
8/25/2006Landheer, Ben06-62-0042-PLWM301 & 303 D=11/22/06
1/11/2007Landings Marina Condominium Association06-80-0045-PLWM301 D=4/12/07
11/8/2006Landman, Gloria R.06-08-0036-PLWM301 D=7/9/07
9/15/2008Lass, James08-39-0024-PLWM301 D=1/20/09
5/16/2006Law Sr., Ken05-63-0367-PLWM301 & 303 D=1/19/07
10/14/2004Lawrence Terlecki on the permit issued to Silver Lake Property Owner's Association04-16-0059-PLWM301 FDO=2/14/07
1/17/2012Laze Daze, LLC11-30-0037-PLWM301 D=2/27/12
6/4/2012Lederman, Neil12-70-0052-PLWM301 D=8/17/12
2/4/2009Lee, Wallace08-63-0178-P & 08-63-0254-pLWM301 & 303 D=8/25/09
4/27/2007Leelanau Forum et al on the permit issued to Village of NorthportGW1810138WB31 D=8/31/07
3/17/2008Lenawee County Drain Commissioner07-46-0048-PLWM303 D=7/7/08
11/29/2007Lesch, Mary J.11-07-0009-0004-06-6 & 11-07-0009-0004-05-8LWM323 D=6/1/10
7/25/2007Lewis Townsend & James Faught07-25-0005 & 0006-pLWM301 & 303 D=2/22/08
11/22/2010Lietke, Greg10-74-0083-PLWM325 D=2/4/11
2/6/2006Little Singer Enterprises, LLC05-05-0041-PLWM303 D=11/19/07
9/27/2013Little Traverse Bay Odawa Indians13-15-0033-PLWM325 D=7/8/14
7/22/2009Loch Alpine Sanitary AuthorityMI0024066WB31Status Report Filing Date-11/20/09 
11/4/2005Lockard, Norman03-61-0053-PLWM323 & 353 D=2/26/08
3/2/2012Lon M. Ullmann on the permit issued to Garrett Family Limited Partnership07-63-0048-PLWM31, 301, & 303 D=5/7/13
2/3/2003Lone Tree Council & Terry Miller on the permit issued to the City of Bay City Wastewater Treatment PMI0022284WD31 D=11/3/06
2/3/2003Lone Tree Council and Terry Miller on the permit issued to General Motors-Bay City PlantMI0001121WD31 D=11/3/06
2/3/2003Lone Tree Council and Terry Miller on the permit issued to General Motors-Powertrain Flint NorthMI0001597WD31 D=11/3/06
2/3/2003Lone Tree Council and Terry Miller on the permit issued to the City of SaginawMI0025577WD31 D=11/3/06
9/29/2011Loreli, Inc. on the permit issued to Hessel Bay Dock Company LLC11-49-0023-PLWM325 D=1/17/12
9/16/2005Louann Tiernan05-36-0017-PLWM303FDO=12/22/08 
9/21/2006Lowe’s Companies05-72-0060-PLWM303 D=12/8/06
11/5/2007Lunsford, Philip T. and Joyce L.11-12-0029-0009-29-2LWM323 D=9/3/08
10/27/2015Lynne Hendrix an Robert and Martha Mulitz on the permit issued to Matthew Alepra14-70-0190-PLWM323 & 353SR Due-6/27/16 
12/23/2009Mac Neill, Terry09-01-0022-PLWM301 D=8/4/10
10/31/2011Mackinac County Road Commission11-49-0035-PLWM301 & 303 D=6/27/14
12/31/2007Mackinac Island Properties07-49-0009-PLWM325 D=6/9/08
4/24/2006MacLean, Barry05-27-0042-PLWM301 & 303Enter Order of Dismissal 9/22/06 
10/30/2007Manatt, Anthony J.07-27-0039-PLWM301 D=3/18/08
12/11/2003Mancini, Steven03-16-0028-PGLM301 & 303Exceptions to P 
10/2/2006Mandziuk, Ronald06-65-0035-PLWM301 D=11/9/06
4/24/2008Mansour, Jay08-63-0005-PLWM303 D=8/21/08
5/10/2004MARD Enterprises Inc03-80-0087-PGLM301 & 303 FDO=10/13/06
2/24/2006MARD Enterprises, Inc.03-80-0014-PLWM303 D=11/28/06
2/27/2015Margaret Elaine Darby Trust14-03-0009-PLWM303Status Report Filing Date-5/11/16 
10/6/2008Marine Ventures LLC08-16-0004-PLWM301 D=4/13/10
8/23/2006Mark O’Malley and Michael O’Malley on the permit issued to David Grozescu05-11-0021-PLWM323 & 353 FDO=5/16/08
2/19/2016Mark S. Baumkel on the permit issued to Brad BothamWRP001231LWM303SR Due-4/27/16 
3/7/2006Marquette County Habitat for Humanity05-52-0097-PLWM303 D=2/21/07
3/7/2006Marquette County Habitat for Humanity05-52-0102-PLWM303 D=2/21/07
3/24/2003Marra, Samuel P.01-72-0082-PGLM303 D=6/20/08
8/18/2009Marsee, Verlin09-82-0021-PLWM301 D=9/22/10
8/12/2013Martel, Steven13-05-0014-PLWM301 & 303 D=3/7/14
11/16/2011Mary S. Malpass Trust11-15-0031-PLWM301 D=3/20/12
6/23/2009Masck, Kenneth08-05-0084-PLWM303 FDO=8/24/11
10/6/2008Mast, Linda L.08-08-0010-PLWM301 & 303 D=2/17/11
1/25/2006Mastick, Thomas03-77-0029-PLWM353 D=5/22/07
1/18/2008Matauch, Dan07-01-0027-PLWM303 D=2/16/10
5/5/2010Matthew Fry, Matthew Krysiak, and Esquire Development & Construction, Inc. on the permit issued to the City of Mason09-33-0016-PLWM31, 301, & 303 D=8/17/11
11/20/2007Mauro Properties, LLC07-63-0147-PLWM301 & 303 D=3/26/09
11/13/2006McCain, Tim06-15-0031-PLWM303 D=8/27/07
9/24/2012McCready, Jim12-16-0017-PLWM301 D=5/22/15
10/6/2005McCully Lakes Estates LLC05-25-0032-PLWM303 D=8/6/08
12/19/2014McDowell, Fred13-44-0023-PLWM301 FDO=10/13/15
2/9/2009McKim, Samuel and Eugenia08-76-0007-PLWM325 D=8/7/12
9/4/2009McLachlan, Bill09-05-0012-PLWM325 D=6/5/14
2/19/2008McLachlan, Bruce07-05-0047-PLWM301 D=11/14/08
2/2/2007McMaster, Robert06-47-0094-PLWM303 D=7/14/07
10/31/2008McMillen, Don08-26-0063-PLWM301 D=4/2/09
2/23/2007McNeill Kenneth B & Patricia L06-26-0095-PLWM301 & 303 D=5/4/07
1/11/2007McPhall, Wayne06-24-0037-PLWM303 D=9/16/08
10/20/2008McPharlin, Pat and Vicki08-78-0009-PLWM301 D=8/14/09
2/24/2010MDNRE-FMFMD08-71-0017-PLWM303 D=10/14/10
12/16/2008MDNR-Wildlife Division08-06-0009-PLWM31, 301, & 303 D=4/8/09
12/1/2010Meathe, James B.10-24-0024-PLWM301 D=1/23/12
10/13/2009Mecosta County Road CommissionSESCNT-2010-001WB91 D=5/19/10
9/16/2010Meier, James10-22-0010-PLWM303 D=11/9/10
5/20/2009Meijer Incorporated08-81-0062-PLWM301 & 303 D=3/1/10
4/20/2007Meijer, Inc.06-19-0026-PLWM303 D=9/28/07
12/14/2012Meridian Township12-33-0030-PLWM303 D=5/22/13
10/29/2015Michael F. and Suzanne L. Schmidt on the permit issued to Don Tocco63-250 Pine Ridge Bloomfield HillsLWM301SR Due-3/28/16 
9/7/2012Michael Stanoikovich on the permit issued to Chuck and Judy Wytrychowski12-17-0034-PLWM325 D=9/23/13
12/9/2014Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (MDARD) v CIT Holdings, Inc.No. File No.MDA  D=3/9/15
11/18/2014Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (MDARD) v Lapeer Grain Co.No File No.MDA  D=2/17/15
3/1/2016Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (MDARD) v Service Station Installation, Inc. MDA Pre-Hearing Conference-5/31/16 @ 10:00 a.m. 
6/21/2013Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (MDARD) v Thrifty Scot Supermarket and Allaa NaimiFRF011492MDA Exceptions and Response Due 5/22/15 
2/12/2010Michigan Department of Natural Resources and Environment09-04-0012-PLWM301 & 303 D=4/23/10
8/19/2009Michigan Disposal, Inc. & EQ Detroit, Inc.9223 & 9220WHM115 D=1/12/10
11/26/2007Michigan Paving and MaterialsMI0026514WB31 D=5/25/10
10/24/2005Michigan Paving and MaterialsMI0051195, MI0048721, & MI0004821WB31 D=9/18/09
11/16/2006Michigan Sugar CompanyMI0001091WB31 D=7/30/08
3/28/2007Midland Country Club06-56-0053-PLWM301 D=10/24/07
7/14/2009Midland Country Club09-56-0001-PLWM31 & 301 D=2/25/10
3/2/2012Mike Aalfs on the permit issued to Village of Paw Paw11-80-0046-PLWM301 D=7/6/12
3/25/2014Mikolaizik, James and Lesley13-72-0034-PLWM303 FDO=11/3/14
10/13/2010Mikols, Doug10-56-0026-PLWM31, 301, & 303 D=12/7/12
12/23/2009Milia, Robert and Kathryn09-74-0059-PLWM325 D=2/4/11
12/1/2005Milk River Intercounty DrainMI0025500WB31 D=11/26/07
4/15/2008Miller, Charles07-01-0031-PLWM303 FDO=3/18/10
11/26/2013Miller, Charles13-01-0015-PLWM301 D=11/24/14
3/28/2008Miller, Robert07-47-0127-PLWM301 D=8/31/09
4/5/2005Milleville Beach Improvement Association04-82-0124-PLWM325 D=3/2/09
8/28/2006Missaukee Lakes Master Homes, LLC06-57-0002-PLWM301 & 303 FDO=6/9/09
2/17/2005MJC Lotus Group LLC04-82-0130-PLWM301 & 303 D=7/28/08
6/6/2008Moga, Michael08-05-0003-PLWM301 D=11/13/08
3/18/2008Mogdis, John07-61-0076-PLWM301 D=8/31/09
5/4/2006Mojo Group Too, LLC05-70-0228-PLWM323 & 353 D=11/19/07
3/15/2006Moore, William and Ella05-45-0069-PLWM303 D=11/2/06
1/5/2011Morris, Michael J.10-37-0015-PLWM301Status Report Filing Date-9/1/11 
3/15/2007Mosey, Daniel06-52-0087-PLWM303 D=10/4/07
10/24/2007Mount Hope Church07-23-0010-PLWM301 & 303 D=1/8/07
10/8/2008Mr. and Mrs. John Bourke and Derek Haroldson on the permit issued to Delores Arendsen08-70-0088-PLWM301 D=12/17/08
12/30/2002Muilenberg, Dave02-61-0021-PGLM323 & 353 D=10/10/05
3/9/2015Mulder, Thomas14-23-0020-PLWM301 D=4/27/16
12/11/2006Mulvihill, P. Laurence06-70-0174-PLWM353 D=1/16/08
11/27/2006Munn, Sheldon W06-02-0024-PLWM303 D=6/27/07
6/8/2006Muskegon Conservation Club06-61-0025-PLWM301 D=4/29/09
1/23/2004Muskegon Yacht Club02-61-0047-PLWM301 FDO=5/12/11
3/29/2007Muzzy, Richard06-03-0119-PLWM353 D=9/17/07
2/9/2009Mystic Enterprise LLC08-74-0104-PLWM325 D=7/13/10
4/25/2012Nagel, Stuart11-26-0083-PLWM301 D=9/12/12
6/29/2004Narrows Development Company03-45-0114-PGLM301 & 303 FDO=7/12/07
4/6/2007Narrows Improvement Association05-04-0006-PLWM301 D=10/24/07
5/13/2005National Wildlife Federation & Lone Tree Council on the permit issued to Department of the ArmyNo file #WB31 FDO=1/23/07
11/26/2007National Wildlife Federation on the permit issued to Detroit Water and Sewerage DepartmentMI0022802WB31 D=5/7/10
2/16/2007N-Com Holdings LLC06-32-0024-PLWM325 & 303 D=1/3/08
11/13/2006Nelson, Doug06-11-0077-PLWM353 D=5/27/08
6/27/2005Nestle Waters North America, Inc.SDWA 6705002 & WH54-001WBSafe Drinking Water ActSR-1/23/06 
5/16/2006Neumann Homes06-82-0012-PLWM301 & 303 D=2/25/08
10/8/2007Neumann-Liedke, Pamela07-71-0009-PLWM303 D=7/28/08
9/29/2006Nevins, Michael05-38-0038-PLWM301 D=1/30/07
5/12/2006Nice Shot, LLC05-65-0005-PLWM301 & 303 D=11/2/07
4/9/2010Nicole V. Moon on the permit issued to Harbor Shores Community Redevelopment09-11-0062-PLWM31, 301, & 303 D=9/27/10
6/11/2007Niemela, Cal06-31-0060-PLWM301 D=10/16/07
10/5/2006Niver, Donald06-52-0005-PLWM301 D=7/26/07
1/19/2016Nixon Area Alliance14-81-0040-PLWM303SR Due-5/31/16 
7/17/2007Norman G. Ulmer on the permit issued to Joe Nahas05-50-0010-PLWM325 D=4/16/08
6/23/2004Northland Properties, Inc.03-16-0096-PGLM303 FDO=10/11/07
7/5/2007Northrup, Peter06-64-0061-PLWM323 D=3/14/08
10/13/2007Norwood Limestone Quarry, LLC06-15-0042-PLWM301 & 303 D=3/12/13
7/21/2003Nugent Sand Company, Inc. & Idlewild Protection AssociationGW186100303WD31SR-12/1/05 
10/24/2007Ohm II, Robert James07-26-0104-PLWM301 D=1/29/08
4/27/2012Olivieri, Joseph11-54-0065-PLWM301 D=3/18/13
2/5/2014Olson, John13-24-0053-PLWM303 D=12/19/14
7/30/2007One Water Street Investments LLC07-15-0001-PLWM301 D=2/5/08
11/10/2008O'Neil, Lionel08-62-0009-PLWM303 D=10/18/10
8/6/2003Onekama Township02-51-0037-PGLM353FDO to Director 
10/17/2007Oosting, Todd07-41-0106-PLWM303 D=5/2/08
9/6/2007Organization of Woodland Lake on the permit issued to Woodland Marina, LLC07-47-0004-PLWM301 D=6/13/08
9/5/2008Paisley, Peter07-16-0093-PLWM301 D=4/2/09
10/19/2015Panayiotis Zingas15-74-0026-PLWM303Pre-Hearing Telephone Conference-5/9/16 @ 10:00 am 
12/18/2007Pancoast, Robert and Pamela11-12-0029-0014-01-6LWM323 D=1/31/08
4/21/2015Paquette, Louis and Kathryn14-74-0120-PLWM301 & 303Status Report Filing Date-5/31/16 
2/4/2005Parker, Scott C.04-51-0050-PLWM303 D=3/24/10
10/8/2007Parkinson, Pamela07-65-0021-PLWM301 D=4/10/08
4/24/2014Parr, Bob13-44-0037-PLWM301 & 303 D=1/22/15
2/6/2008Paruszkiewicz, William07-63-0255-PLWM301 & 303 D=8/22/08
12/2/2009Pat and Vicki Lepior on the permit issued to Jack Helder09-03-0006-PLWM301 & 303 FDO=12/13/11
6/16/2008Paul and Jan Hoogenboom on the certificate of coverage issued to Autumn Vista Dairy C.A.F.O.MIGO 10116WB31 D=9/30/08
8/31/2007Paul and Julie McNeilly on the permit issued to Clare Northern Group UtilitiesMI0058237WB31 FDO=4/30/08
5/3/2012Pawlowski, Mark R.11-64-0064-PLWM13 & 353 D=3/12/13
10/28/2005Payne, Park05-18-0028-PLWM301 D=8/27/07
12/1/2008Pearson, James & Brenda7239-10-08DNR401 & 427 FDO=2/12/10
10/13/2006Penn, Jonathan06-61-0045-PLWM301 D=1/10/07
11/19/2007Perelli, Gary07-63-0199-PLWM301 & 303 D=7/31/08
5/5/2008Perkins, Jon07-16-0097-PLWM303 D=8/21/08
2/28/2008Perpich, Mark H.07-16-0092-PLWM303 D=7/7/08
1/24/2008Perrett, Nile and Rita07-65-0046-PLWM301 D=5/27/08
12/5/2011Peter Meier on the permit issued to Long Island Court Homeowners11-74-0054-PLWM301 D=7/17/12
11/18/2010Peterson, Randall A.67-1801WB  D=8/3/11
2/11/2008Peterson, Stephen and Cynthia07-51-0028-PLWM353 D=8/22/08
1/27/2015Petitions on Meijer Inc. Permit14-82-0031-PLWM301 & 31 D=7/30/15
7/24/2008Petitions on NPDES System Phase II General PermitsMIG610000 & MIS049000WB31Oral Argument-8/24/15 @ 10:00 am 
5/8/2006Petitions on the application for a permit submitted by the Kennecott Eagle Mineral CompanyNo File #LWM632Scheduling Conference 9/19/06 @ 10:00 am 
4/1/2010Petitions on the permit issued to Laurent J. Torno, Jr.09-28-0032-PLWM303 FDO=12/7/11
7/7/2015Petitions on the permit issued to Laurent J. Torno, Jr.09-28-0032-PLWM303Hearing 4/26/16 @ 9:00 am 
1/27/2008Petitions on the permit issued to Lore Silberman06-15-0057-PLWM301 & 303 D=5/15/08
7/22/2004Phillips, Greg & Judy04-16-0014-PGLM303 D=9/9/13
12/7/2012Phillpotts, Harry12-25-0051-PLWM301 D=7/22/13
11/29/2005Pickeral Lake Northwest Cove Association05-62-0037-pLWM301 D=4/9/08
9/16/2004Pickerel-Crooked Lakes Association on the permit issued to Windjammer Cove and Marina04-24-0001-PGLM301 & 303SR-10/24/05 
12/10/2003Pies, Timothy03-63-0099-PGLM303 D=12/14/06
3/21/2007Pinckney Investment, LLC06-47-0132-PLWM303 D=1/9/08
9/27/2006Pine Ridge Acquisitions LLC06-47-0060-PLWM303 D=3/15/07
7/21/2006Place Realty Inc.05-14-0052-PLWM303 D=10/16/06
1/4/2008Porteous, Karolyn07-25-0037-PLWM301 D=2/5/07
6/11/2012Posen Construction, Inc.257-09AQD55 D=12/4/12
8/4/2008Pouliot, Michael08-21-0001-PLWM325D=3/26/09 
1/25/2007Powell, JackPN06-06V & PN06-08VDNR305 D=9/17/07
3/13/2013Preville, Kristy12-44-0022-PLWM301 D=6/19/13
4/23/2010Pro Tel Development, Inc.09-74-0114-PLWM303 D=4/11/11
6/4/2007Pschigoda, Lon06-39-0057-PLWM303 D=2/15/08
10/12/2011Quick, Steven and Carmen11-05-0022-PLWM301 D=10/16/13
7/10/2007Quinlan, James J.07-54-0004-PLWM301D=11/19/07 
9/21/2010Quinn, Christopher10-63-0088-PLWM301 D=10/6/11
6/3/2007RAKR, LLC06-47-0150-PLWM303 D=11/1/11
2/12/2009Ramco-Gershenson, Inc08-38-0021-PLWM301 & 303 D=8/4/10
4/19/2010Ranck, Jim09-49-0038-PLWM303 D=6/25/10
5/4/2007Randolph, William and Karen06-80-0003-PLWM301 & 303 D=10/5/07
12/3/2004Rapid River Township04-40-0011-PLWM301 D=10/23/07
10/24/2011Red Mill Pond LLCDam ID 593LWM315Hearing 10/31/11 @ 10:00 am 
7/31/2007Reed, Howard07-36-0013-PLWM303 D=2/19/09
10/30/2005Reetz, Harry05-07-0083-PLWM303 D=12/21/06
3/7/2007Reetz, Harry06-07-0045-PLWM303 D=1/13/09
6/11/2014Reuss, Herold13-13-0011-PLWM303Status Report Filing Date-5/11/16 
7/25/2005Reynolds, Michael05-21-0020-PLWM303SR-10/6/05 
2/18/2008Rhine, Frank07-24-0033-PLWM303 D=1/26/10
8/13/2007Rice, Dennis07-44-0020-PLWM301 & 303 D=8/7/08
1/5/2016Richard Fix on the permit issued to Timothy RoyerWRP001001LWM301SR Due=4/8/16 
7/21/2008Richard Gawrych et al08-09-0010-PLWM325 D=6/2/09
12/22/2014Richards, Mary12-05-0066-PLWM301Hearing-6/21-22/16 at 9:00 am 
6/18/2001Richmond, Thomas01-38-0004-PLWM303 & 301 D=8/31/07
3/6/2008Ries, James08-41-0001-P & 08-41-0002-PLWM301 & 303 D=6/11/14
12/10/2006Ries, James & Linda06-24-0034-PLWM303 D=5/20/08
5/7/2001Riggs, Roger & Emily01-49-0002-PLWM303 & 325 FDO=7/29/04
5/28/2008Ringler, James H.07-11-0033-PLWM301 & 303 D=10/7/08
9/9/2009Riordan Jr., Clifford T.08-12-0053-PLWM301 & 303 FDO=3/7/11
6/30/2014Rivendell Homeowners Association13-47-0070-PLWM303 D=12/19/14
6/1/2006River Lakes Village Association05-05-0074-PLWM301 D=11/8/06
6/9/2005Rivercrest Professional Building05-63-0044-PLWM301SR-9/28/05 
1/31/2006Riverine Development Company, Inc. (A/K/A Riverine Development, Inc.)No File #WB31Status Report Filing Date-11/20/15 
11/30/2015Rob Boss14-45-0050-PLWM301 & 303Status Report Due-1/22/16 
7/20/2012Robert B. Morris on the permit issued to Air Energy TCI Inc.11-34-0001-PLWM301 & 303 D=9/23/13
9/18/2013Robert Gielcyzk/Jennifer Vis13-70-0061-PLWM353 D=11/26/13
2/29/2012Robert King on the permit issued to Village of Paw Paw11-80-0046-PLWM301 D=7/6/12
4/26/2007Roberts, Peter and Robin06--61-0087-PLWM323 & 353 D=9/19/07
5/12/2015Roger Faust/Kathleen Moore14-70-0051-PLWM353Status Report Filing Date-3/14/16 
6/12/2006Ronald C. Blalock, Sr., Ronald C. Blalock, Jr., & Roberta A. Blalock97-4-185LWM303 D=1/18/07
11/2/2009Ropele, Michael A. and Diana L.09-59-0026-PLWM301D=1/4/10 
7/14/2005Rose, Ken & Lisa04-61-0072-PLWM353 D=3/26/09
4/8/2011Rosinski, Henry10-26-0071-PLWM301 D=9/17/12
4/10/2006Ross, Russell M.05-59-0035-PLWM301 & 303 D=1/30/07
4/8/2010Rowenchuk, Katherine09-45-0064-PLWM303 D=8/4/10
6/23/2005Rule, John05-59-0007-PLWM301 & 303SR-9/23/05 
2/8/2013Runkel, Joan10-47-0010-VLWM303Status Report Filing Date-4/18/16 
7/11/2012Runyan Lake Inc.11-47-0091-PLWM301 D=2/14/13
12/11/2007Runyan, Neil and Laurie11-11-1750-0008-01-0LWM323 D=6/9/08
8/12/2013Russell W. and Marilyn Schoenherr et al13-63-0001-WALWM Status Report Filing Date-1/27/14 
3/28/2011Ruth, Richard R.11-35-0002-PLWM323 D=4/20/11
7/28/2014Ryba Properties14-49-0009-PLWM325 D=5/20/15
1/19/2011Rykowski, Richard A.10-47-0068-PLWM301Status Report Filing Date-9/29/11 
7/16/2004Sand Point Toy Box, LLC03-32-0031-PGLM303 D=6/19/13
12/22/2014Sarah Estates Homeowners’ Association on the permit issued to Infinity Homes Corp14-82-0068-PLWM301Status Report Filing Date-5/12/16 
5/26/2014Saugatuck Dunes Coastal Alliance on the permit issued to Singapore Dunes, LLC13-03-0079-PLWM31 & 353 D=4/20/15
1/17/2014Saugatuck Dunes Coastal Alliance on the permit issued to Singapore Dunes, LLC13-03-0079-PLWM353 D=7/1/14
4/24/2013Saulius Simoliunas on the permit issued to the Detroit Wastewater Treatment PlantMI0022802WB31Bankruptcy-Stay 
3/19/2012Schafer, Richard and KarynUM2011028VDNR305 D=8/20/12
12/17/2010Scheffler, Melvin10-60-0011-PLWM301 & 303 FDO=7/2/13
4/11/2005Schmelz, Rick04-81-0083-PLWM303 D=10/25/06
9/23/2002Schmidt, Greg00-17-0164-PLWM303 & 325 D=8/31/09
11/5/2007Schoff, Bill07-14-0041-PLWM303 D=2/25/08
6/11/2014Schreur, Dennis and Nancy13-05-0069-PLWM301 D=5/18/15
12/8/2005Schultz,Francile05-70-0125-PLWM301 & 303 D=11/9/06
8/13/2015Schutt, Richard15-28-0027-PLWM301 & 303Pre-Hearing Telephone Conference-4/5/16 @ 10:00 am 
4/8/2008Schwertfeger, Bill07-14-0069-PLWM301 & 303 D=10/6/09
8/25/2008Scott Brady and Les Nichols07-44-0076-PLWM301 D=4/15/09
10/8/2014Scott Felker/John KennedyUM2014015VDNR305Status Report Filing Date-4/22/16 
5/9/2003Searfoss, Tim02-65-0061-PGLM303Exception to th 
6/28/2007Semke, Douglas L.07-83-0001-PLWM301 & 303 D=2/15/08
10/28/2013Sensor, Thomas and Sheila12-72-0028-PLWM303 D=8/20/14
9/12/2005Seward, Richard05-45-0009-PLWM303 D=12/11/07
12/22/2005Sha, William and Joanne04-80-0052-PLWM301 & 303 D=7/8/08
10/26/2006Shafer, Richard06-50-0076-PLWM301 D=11/9/07
5/26/2006Sharp’s Cove Association05-62-0033-PLWM301 D=4/12/07
3/13/2013Shavers, Ray12-44-0033-PLWM301 & 303 D=2/11/15
9/20/2013Shaw R. Friedman on the permit issued to Lake Michigan Property, LLC Hard Life, LLC07-11-0169-PLWM353 D=11/21/14
6/13/2007Sheets Family07-45-0012-PLWM301 FDO=4/21/10
8/20/2009Sheldon, FloydNo file #DNR305 D=6/1/10
10/6/2003Shepard, Michael01-17-0108-PGLM303 D=9/19/07
10/27/2006Sherryl Davis on the permit issued to October Capital Group LLC06-25-0100-PLWM301 & 303 D=4/2/07
9/11/2007Shields, Edward and LauraPM2007024VDNR305 D=12/7/07
10/11/2010Shlomo S. Mandel on the permit issued to W. George Bihler06-63-0307-PLWM301 & 303 D=1/19/12
10/3/2014Shorewood Association on the permit issued to Dune Ridge SA LP (Consolidated Cases)14-03-0020-P through 14-03-0028-PLWM353 D=9/10/15
8/13/2007Shreve Paul and Gina07-70-0062-PLWM323 & 353 D=4/2/08
1/28/2013Sierra Club on the permit issued to City of Holland Board of Public WorksMI0001473WB31 & 41 D=5/8/14
8/11/2014Sierra Club on the permit issued to Harrietta-Grayling Fish Hatch (Consolidated)MI0059209WB31 & 41Hearing-2/8-12/16, 2/24-26 & 29/16, and 3/1-3/16 @ 9:00 am 
8/9/2004Sierra Club on the permit issued to Red Arrow Dairy LLC; Jake Zwemmer - Z-Star LLC (Consolidated Files)MI0057562 & MI0057567WD31 D=10/15/09
3/5/2013Sietsema Farms Feeds, LLC163-08AAQD55 D=7/22/13
12/13/2000Silver Creek L.L.C.00-23-0016-PLWM301, 303 & 31 D=3/31/08
6/4/2012Silver Creek Township11-14-0054-PLWM301 D=4/17/13
8/20/2012Siwek, Rick12-25-0011-PLWM301 D=12/20/12
7/19/2007Small, Frank07-11-0025-PLWM353 D=8/7/08
1/11/2011Smith, David10-60-0010-PLWM303 D=10/31/11
6/28/2007Smith, Paul07-31-0008-PLWM301 D=12/21/07
12/26/2011Smith, Richard11-47-0064-PLWM301 D=6/13/12
5/8/2009Society for Protecting Environmental Assets, Eric VerHey and Michelle Kounelis on the Permit issued to Bustorf Dairy-CAFOMI0058565WB31 FDO=12/7/11
4/4/2008Sokoolowski, Greg07-26-0120-PLWM301 D=6/2/08
5/16/2006Soutar, Larry05-44-0050-PLWM303 D=9/24/07
12/20/2010Spring Hill CampsGW1010289WB31 & 41 D=5/27/11
3/23/2012SS&B Holdings LLC11-80-0059-PLWM301, 303, & 315 D=6/26/13
1/26/2005St Nicholas Byzantine Catholic Church04-50-0201-PLWM303 D=7/16/09
4/7/2010St. Clair County Drain Commissioner09-74-0061-PLWM301 D=9/10/10
3/12/2010St. Pierre, Scott09-61-0059-PLWM301 & 353 D=10/28/10
2/22/2007Stanz, James06-77-0017-PLWM353 D=3/18/08
3/10/2008Star Township, Antrim County, Rhonda Lee O’Connell, Cheryl Darrah, Robert Massey Jr., and Friends of the Jordan River on the permit issued to Beeland Group, LLCM-523GSD625 D=8/1/08
3/7/2007Steffey, Steve06-25-0159-PLWM301 & 303 D=9/4/07
7/5/2007Stemen, DaveB2007005VDNR305 D=1/26/10
11/30/2005Sterns Farm LLC05-53-0023-PLWM301 & 303 D=2/21/07
11/13/2015Steven and Carman Quick11-05-0022-PLWM301Status Report-1/22/16 
4/28/2014Steven Bacon d.b.a. Bacon Well DrillingWD No. 05-2390DWR  D=7/24/14
3/8/2007Steven Shellenbarger/Louise StudakerUM06-51VDNR305 D=5/29/07
12/2/2013Stevenson, Robert13-60-0010-PLWM301 D=1/21/14
11/5/2009Stockwell, Mark09-15-0034-PLWM301 D=7/21/10
6/23/2006Strange, John05-47-0024-PLWM303 D=11/22/06
6/15/2006Stuart Frankel Development Company05-50-0133-PLWM301 & 303 D=1/13/10
10/20/2010Sturgeon Bay Property Trust10-16-0014-PLWM301 D=5/2/12
1/5/2011Sullivan, Kathy10-64-0047-PLWM301 & 303 D=8/23/11
2/21/2006Sundstrom, Nancy05-08-0042-PLWM301 & 303 FDO=10/4/07
2/7/2003Sunshine Bay Dock Association02-72-0049-PGLM301 D=9/10/09
5/5/2008Talcott Associates, LLC07-15-0039-PLWM301 D=6/25/09
1/30/2015Tamarack Development Associates14-28-0047-PLWM325Hearing-10/29 & 30/15 at 9:00 am 
1/26/2007Tami Averill on the permit issued to Timothy Pies03-63-0099-PLWM303 FDO=2/29/08
9/8/2009Taylor, John P.2006-12DNR801 D=12/11/09
3/21/2011Taylor, William10-71-0019-PLWM303 D=12/6/11
4/1/2008The Dow Chemical CompanyMID 000 724 724WHM  D=5/27/09
2/24/2009The Gables Units 1-55, LLC08-70-0209-PLWM301 & 303 D=10/15/09
12/20/2010The NRDC, Sierra Club, & GLELC on the permit issued to DTE EnergyMI0001856WB31 D=8/1/14
8/28/2006The Villas at the River, LLC06-11-0015-PLWM303 D=8/3/07
1/17/2014Thomas A. Neuenfeldt13-35-0049-PLWM323 D=6/19/14
12/22/2015Thomas Nagy15-+21-0011-PLWM303SR Due-5/30/16 
5/31/2007Thomas, Bernadette07-61-0008-PLWM353 D=8/30/07
6/5/2008Thompson, Thomas R.08-35-0021-PLWM325 D=8/15/08
11/14/2005Tibble, Thomas05-80-0003-PLWM353 D=2/14/11
7/16/2013Tip of the Mitt Watershed Council on the permit issued to Cheboygan Waterfront LLC09-16-0034-PLWM303 & 323 D=12/19/14
4/7/2006TL Leisure Company05-03-0038-PLWM353 D=7/7/08
12/13/2013Tobin, Marshall12-10-0001-WALWM303 D=11/6/14
10/13/2004Tom's Advanced Paving Company04-23-0004-PLWM31 & 301SR-1/5/06 
2/13/2004Tower Marine03-03-0004-PGLM31, 301, & 303 D=6/24/08
6/24/2008Tower Marine07-03-0088-PLWM301, 303, & 31 D=7/9/15
2/15/2013Tower Marine12-03-0019-PLWM13 & 303 D=8/13/13
3/14/2005Township of Zilwaukee on the permit issued to Saginaw County Public04-73-0047-PLWM31, 301, & 303 D=12/17/08
2/17/2010Trago, Victor10-61-0005-PLWM303 D=7/13/10
11/17/2003Traverse City Light and PowerBM03-01DNR305 D=11/14/06
1/4/2011Travis, Dave10-16-0045-PLWM303 D=11/21/11
10/7/2004Tremblay, Thomas04-17-0010-PLWM303 D=10/13/05
2/19/2015Triangle Enterprises, Inc.14-50-0062-PLWM303Hearing-3/29 & 30/16 @ 10:00 am 
9/29/2006Trident-Rochester LLC06-63-0096-PLWM301 D=5/7/13
2/1/2005Trim, Chris04-40-0017-PLWM301 & 303SR-1/10/06 
12/7/2006Troy, Thomas06-81-0057-PLWM301 D=6/20/07
1/23/2013Tulpa, Clifford and Cindy12-05-0001-WALWM303 D=1/22/14
1/8/2009Tulpa, Louis08-05-0044-PLWM303 D=10/21/09
8/13/2004Twelve Beck LLC04-63-0065-PGLM301 & 303 D=4/28/11
12/22/2006UJF, LLC06-45-0024-P & 06-45-0025-PLWM353 D=8/31/07
5/2/2011Univertical Semiconductor10-05-0060-PLWM301 & 303 D=11/3/11
4/28/2010Univertical Semiconductor09-05-0028-PLWM301 & 303 D=8/31/10
1/17/2008Valdis Lazdins et al07-70-0181-PLWM353 D=3/9/11
2/6/2006Valentine, Alfred05-71-0026-PLWM301 D=12/6/07
1/28/2008Van Buren County Drain Commissioner07-80-0001-PLWM301 FDO=12/17/10
6/15/2012Van’s Logistic Service LLC11-41-0117-PLWM303 D=3/29/13
12/29/2005Vander Veen, Edward05-70-0135-PLWM353 FDO=12/2/09
10/19/2006Vandermeer, KeithPM06-15VDNR305 D=2/1/07
11/9/2009Verplank Dock Company09-61-0047-PLWM301 & 303 D=3/16/10
7/28/2006Vienna Town Square LLC06-25-0033-PLWM301 & 303 D=1/19/07
10/25/2010Village of Alanson10-24-0018-PLWM31, 301, & 303 D=1/27/11
5/19/2009Village of Dexter, City of Chelsea, Loch Alpine Sanitary Authority, & City of Ann ArborMI0022829, MI0020737, MI0024066, & MI0022217WB31 D=6/19/14
3/9/2015Village of Dexter, City of Chelsea, Loch Alpine Sanitary Authority, & City of Ann Arbor(Remand)MI0022829; MI0020737; MI0024066; MI0022217LWM31Pre-Hearing Conference 5/4/15 @ 1:30 pm 
11/14/2011Village of Lake Isabella on the permit issued to Lake Isabella Property Owners Association11-37-0017-PLWM301 D=7/2/12
10/1/2007Village of Otisville07-25-0055-PLWM303 D=8/4/09
9/30/2008Vreba-Hoff Dairy, LLCMI0057473WB31 D=2/2/10
7/30/2014Wade Eldean on the permit issued to Point West 1 (Consolidated Cases)13-70-0092-PLWM301Telephone Status Conference-4/19/16 @ 10:00 am 
10/28/2008Wagner, Kristine08-18-0023-PLWM301 D=6/2/09
11/23/2010Waite, Michael10-59-0029-PLWM301 & 303 D=1/12/11
9/25/2007Walby, Sandra L. & Brian07-63-0160-PLWM303 D=11/10/08
7/2/2009Walloon Lake Association on the permit issued to Talcott Associates, LLC07-15-0039-PLWM301 D=2/13/12
8/15/2006Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.05-74-0215-PLWM303 D=11/9/06
8/21/2006Walter Kummer on the permit issued to Bloomfield Telegraph, LLC04-63-0007-PLWM303 FDO=12/20/07
7/24/2008Ward O. Griffen and Margaret T. Griffen on the application of John J. Collins Jr. and Lynn M. Collins on the permit issued to Jeanette L. Stall Estate08-10-0006-PLWM353 D=7/12/10
9/12/2005Wartersian Properties05-63-0001-PLWM303 D=2/22/08
1/9/2006Washtenaw County Parks and Recreation CommissionNo File #DNR305 FDO=7/22/08
7/20/2010Washtenaw Engineering Co., Inc.10-46-0001-WALWM301 & 303 D=1/15/14
3/14/2008Waters, Peggie L.07-32-0086-PLWM325 D=7/1/09
7/17/2007Watts, Donald07-41-0039-PLWM301 D=1/3/08
6/8/2009Wayne County Department of Economic Development09-82-0004-PLWM301 & 303 D=5/5/10
3/1/2006Wayne County Department of Public Services05-82-0144-PLWM301 D=9/4/07
2/6/2014Webber, Wayne W.B2013009VDNR305 D=10/8/14
1/30/2007Webster, David S.06-64-0052-PLWM353 D=9/4/07
11/15/2007Weideman, Thomas07-16-0065-PLWM301 & 303 D=4/9/08
1/26/2016Weiderman,Betsy15-70-0129-PLWM303SR Due-6/21/16 
8/2/2006Weiss, Dennis06-32-0004-PLWM325 D=3/30/07
7/8/2008Wencel, Michael08-54-0007-PLWM301 D=8/28/09
12/20/2006Westland Homeowners Committee for Environmental Conservation & Smart Growth/Douglas Monroe06-82-0003-WALWM303 D=3/26/07
1/26/2015Westwood Land Co. Inc14-81-0007-WALWM303 D=7/7/15
1/13/2015Wetmore, Matthew and Sarah14-10-0044-PLWM303 D=4/27/16
11/8/2010Wetters, Judith10-01-0038-PLWM301 D=8/26/11
11/30/2007White, Jerome11-11-8600-0021-00-3LWM323 D=6/9/08
12/27/2005White, Maurice04-10-0026-PLWM303 D=10/15/08
11/29/2010White, Michael10-79-0010-PLWM301 D=1/18/12
10/2/2007Whiting, Dennis & Constance07-16-0031-PLWM301 & 303 D=3/5/08
7/5/2012Whitney, Melinda12-64-0009-PLWM303Hearing-11/3 & 4/15 @ 9:00 am 
7/28/2010Wilcox, Todd and Laura10-05-0008-PLWM301 D=10/18/10
2/23/2005William & Nancy Gregory on the permit issued to Pat Giammarco04-47-0097-PLWM303 D=1/29/08
10/7/2009William Lethemon Jr. et al on the permit issued to Gary Pipia09-63-0151-PLWM301 FDO=7/27/10
7/17/2008Williams, John R.07-13-0031-PLWM303 D=9/15/08
4/5/2007Willow Estates Development Co.06-63-0279-PLWM301 D=1/3/08
6/9/2004Wills, Brian Jeremy04-16-0011-PGLM303SR-11/17/05 
12/18/2006Wim Development, LLCNo File #WB31 D=4/16/12
7/14/2010Windfalls Landing, LLC10-61-0016-PLWM301Status Report Filing Date-7/27/11 
4/28/2009Wohlfert, Mark D.08-78-0015-PLWM301 & 303 D=8/28/09
11/15/2006Wojciechowski, Bruce06-63-0005-WALWM303 D=4/21/08
1/3/2007Wolf, David L.06-71-0007-PLWM303 FDO=2/4/09
9/2/2010Wolohan, Michael10-24-0015-PLWM303 D=2/4/11
9/15/2008Wong, Thaddeus07-11-0004-WALWM303 D=4/14/10
4/27/2007Woodbury, Max06-42-0011-PLWM353 D=6/24/08
12/13/2007Wooded Island LLC07-32-0038-PLWM301 D=3/20/08
1/13/2006Woodwind Investment Company LLC05-63-0342-PLWM303 D=3/3/08
1/13/2006Woodwind Investment Company LLC05-63-0349-PLWM301 & 303 D=1/29/08
12/26/2007Worden, Jerry07-17-0084-PLWM303 D=10/7/08
3/31/2006Worth TownshipMIG619000WB31 D=12/22/06
7/17/2007Worthy, Herbert W.07-82-0027-PLWM301 D=2/9/09
7/6/2005Wright, Michael05-05-0013-PLWM353 D=4/10/07
12/27/2010Wujciak, Michael10-24-0036-PLWM301 D=1/23/12
9/26/2008WXZ Retail Group/Romeo, LLC08-50-0068-PLWM301 D=10/23/08
11/17/2006Younggren Farm and Forest, Inc.06-07-0028-PLWM301 & 303 D=1/10/12
7/30/2014Younker, Kathy Jo14-03-0014-PLWM301 D=1/22/15
12/27/2006Youssef, Abdelbaset06-63-0255-PLWM301 & 303 D=2/18/08
11/27/2012Ypsilanti Community Utilities AuthorityMI0042676WB31 & 41 D=9/5/13
2/26/2009Zengerle, John08-83-0032-PLWM301 & 303 D=10/15/09
10/9/2006Zingas, Panayiotis06-74-0079-PLWM303 D=11/29/11
2/7/2013Zubin & Linda Bhesania on the permit issued to Charles Phipps12-74-0110-PLWM325 FDO=1/23/14
5/7/2009Zygmontowicz, Wallace T.A2008013VDNR305 D=12/14/09

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