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Saturday, August 01, 2015

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CIWPIS on Line

Coastal and Inland Waters Permit Information System

CIWPIS On Line provides summaries of Land/Water Joint Permit applications (JPA) received since 1999. The JPA covers activities regulated under Parts 301, 303, 325, 315, 323 and 353 and Part 31 (Floodplains) of the Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Act, 1994 PA 451, as amended.
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Information Available...
    Search for applications using the search engine on the left for:
  • New applications received (provided in three 2-week groupings)
  • A particular file, specifying the file number or applicant name (typically the property owner)
  • Applications within a specified township, county, or section
  • Applications received on a certain waterbody
  • Active public notices and hearings
    Records are available only for the past 5 years. The search will result in a list of records applicable to your query. Each record provides real time information on the file including: applicant information, current review status of the file, date received at DEQ, proposed location and activity, regulatory authority, and important processing dates. Information on whether a public notice has been posted or hearing set is also provided with a link to these postings and to allow for electronic comment.
    How to perform a Search...
    Fill in the fields on the search engine on the left with the relevant information for your search. Your search will return records that match the search criteria.
    The fewer fields you fill, the larger the search results will be. If you know the file number, enter it in the appropriate field. A valid file number will always be an exact match. Adding extra search data may cause the search to fail or return too few matches. Use combinations of the search fields to narrow your target. If a search fails, try deleting fields and pressing the search button again.
    Field Entry Tips...
    Sort by: Date received by ascending (A) or descending (D) order File Number in ascending (a) or descending (D) order
    County: Select County from list
    Township Name: Name of Township, eg. "Aurelius".
    Twn: Survey Township identification eg. "32N".
    Rng: Survey Range Identification eg. "10W".
    Sec: Survey Section Identification eg. "16".
    Waterbody: Name of Waterbody (River, Stream, Drain, Pond) impacted eg. "Higgins".
    File Number: The unique number assigned to the application eg. "04-40-0444"
    Applicant : Use any parts of a name separated by spaces, the more unique the better eg. "MDOT" or "Mich Dept of Transp". Use two "quotes" for names containing quotes, eg. L""anse. Home  |  DEQ_Home  |  Online Services  |  Permits  |  Programs  |  Site Map  |  Contact_DEQ
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