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Permit to Install Application and Instructions 

The Air Quality Division (AQD) Permit Section has updated and revised the permit to install application form.  The changes include:

  • The new form is dated "Rev. 09/2015" on the bottom right corner.

  • A box has been added to the Applicant Address section to include the county.

  • Instructions have been added to Item 6 requesting that all pages of the submittal be numbered and dated.

  • Information has been added to the top of the form encouraging the applicant to call the AQD if they have not been contacted within 15 days of the application submittal.

Previous Changes Included:

  • The North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) replaced the Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) system as the facility code.

  • The check boxes for "Reason for Application" state whether the equipment is new or existing.  The date of installation must be provided for existing equipment.

  • The order of authorized employee and contact information was reversed. Space was provided for  e-mail addresses and contact affiliation.

  • The Contact has been identified as the person the DEQ should contact with any questions.  The Authorized Employee can check a box to designate a contact as an Agent authorized to negotiate terms and conditions of the permit.  Completing this eliminates the need to send an additional letter to satisfy Rule 204.

The Permit to Install Application form and the application instructions are now available as a Microsoft Word template. The template allows you to enter information without affecting the form itself. The template may be downloaded and completed on your computer. To complete the form, press the tab or arrow key to move from field to field. Enter data by typing in the gray-shaded fields. When the form is complete, save and print it. You must create three (3) paper copies of the completed form. The three copies of the application along with two (2) copies of any plans, specifications or drawings required by the instructions should be submitted. All pages of the submittal should be numbered and dated. The application must include the original signature of an Authorized Employee of the applicant. This form and instructions may also be viewed in Adobe Acrobat format.

The Information for an Administratively Complete Permit to Install Application document provides a detailed description of the information requested in the basic application instructions and the Checklist for Submitting an Administratively Complete Permit to Install Application helps identify any deficiencies.  This information may be viewed in Adobe Acrobat format.  Step-by-step instructions are also available for conducting a  BACT Analysis or a T-BACT Analysis.

Please feel free to call the AQD at 800-662-9278 if you have not been contacted within 15 days of your application submittal. Home  |   DEQ  |   Online Services  |   Permits  |   Programs  |   Site Map  |   Contacts  |   Office of Regulatory Reinvention  
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