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Michigan Air Permits System

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  • USEPA RICE MACT Navigation Tool
  • Consideration of Clean Coal Technology in Air Use Permitting Interested Party Letter
  • Fact Sheet on Environmental Permitting of Coal Fired Power Plants in Michigan
  • Issue Resolution Process Decisions, Rule 225
  • Rule 225 Variance Document
  • Upcoming Permit to Install and Renewable Operating Permit Workshops
  • Michigan's PTI Application Review Process
  • Permit to Install Determining Applicability Guidebook
  • Ozone Nonattainment and New Source Review Q&A
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  • NSR Public Notice Documents
  • Permit Scoping Meeting (PSM Scheduling Procedure)
  • Application Form, Instructions and Guidance Documents
  • Permit Exemptions
  • General Permits - Application Forms and Instructions
  • Coal-Fired Power Plant Applications
  • Other Applications of Interest
  • NSR Pending Application Query
  • Active PTIs Final Conditions
  • PTI Application Workshop Series
  • Permit Statistics
  • Modeling & Meteorology
  • Clean Corporate Citizen
  • Procedure for Voiding Permit to Install
  • Name Change & Transfer of Ownership
  • Technical Assistance Resources
  • DEQ Evaluation for PTI Customer Service
  • Greenhouse Gas Emission Regulations


  • Recent Actions - Draft, Proposed and Final Permits
  • Overview of the ROP Program
  • ROP-Related Forms and Software
  • "Life After ROP" - Source Requirements After Issuance of an ROP
  • Source Lists - All ROP Documents
  • Office of Environmental Assistance
  • Program Support Information & Background
  • "Opting Out" of Title V
  • Reinventing Performance in Michigan - ROP Issuance
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    Acid Rain (Title IV)

  • Overview of Acid Rain Program
  • Subject Sources
  • Recent Actions
  • Status of Permits
  • History of MI's Acid Rain Program
  • CAIR (Clean Air Interstate Rule) Program

  • Overview of CAIR Program
  • Subject Sources
  • Recent Actions
  • Status of Permits
  • CAIR Materials
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    NOx (Oxides of Nitrogen) Program

    The NOx Budget Program has been replaced by the CAIR Program.

    GACT / MACT / NESHAP / NSPS Information

  • MACT Technical Resources
  • NESHAP Initial Notification Form
  • MACT Standards Status
  • Section 112(g) MACT Determinations
  • GACT Templates
  • MACT Templates
  • NESHAP Templates
  • NSPS Templates
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    Air Permitting: Prevention of Significant Deterioration (PSD)

  • A Summary of the PSD Workbook
  • PSD Workbook - A Practical Guide to Prevention of Significant Deterioration
  • PSD Workbook Inserts - Slide Presentation
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    AWMA NSR Question and Answer Document - View

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    Other NSR, Title V, NESHAP, MACT, and NSPS Links of Interest - View

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